Caboodle is very conscious about our footprint on the planet.  We do many things to make sure we are leaving as small a carbon footprint as possible. 

The bags we use to bag up your purchase are pretty and "green"!  They are Ameritote bags that are made with post-consumer recycled plastics right here in the U.S. A. and are recyclable when you are finished with it.  Even though these plastic bags are "green" they are still of great quality.  Many people tell me they re-use the bag over and over as a gift wrap or lunch sack.


We use recycled boxes.  Everything from small jewelry boxes up to large boxes for bigger items are mostly recycled.  When you give a gift of jewelry to someone (or yourself) it will often come in a box.  The majority of people will throw those boxes away once it has been opened.  If you are like me you feel bad about just throwing away a perfectly good box and had all intentions of using it in some way at some time.  Well, now you know what to do with any of your old jewelry/gift boxes.  Bring them to Caboodle!  We will take boxes that are clean and in good shape.  Sometimes even with a brand name on it is fine if I can cover it up.  I've had several businesses who went out of business and gave me their left over boxes!

Whenever I get a package in the mail or a vendor brings inventory in a box I will save the packing and shipping so a customer can benefit.  There have been many times someone stops in on their way to the post office for a gift and we are able to fix them up with a box and packing material and tape so all they have to do is add the address and postage and they are good to go.  We do what we can.  I save most boxes that I think will work with items here.  I will often save special boxes for vendors to re-use.

Our bubble wrap and foamy materials are also salvaged!  My husband works for a large company that gets equipment shipped to them regularly.  These items come packaged in a great foamy material that is then discarded by the company.  I am able to save this material from the landfills and use it to wrap your precious gifts at no cost to you, me or the company (who now doesn't have the bulk in their trash).  It's a win, win, win for everyone!


Many of our vendors are also rock stars when it comes to creating with re-purposed materials.  Wine bottles, pop bottles, fabrics, frames, vintage jewelry, plates, candlesticks, and random metal objects!  All of these items are used and re-worked by vendors to create a new item that is stunning and eco-friendly.

We do a monthly newsletter that is online only.  You can see past editions and sign up for our newsletter on this website.  No paper for the landfills and you still stay informed!

For anything that I can't re-use here at the store we have a recycling dumpster out back.  Junk mail, boxes I don't think I can use all go in the recycle bin.  We have very little that actually makes it out to the garbage dumpster!